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Tasha's Priorities

Fair & Accurate Prosecution

The Clayton County District Attorney's office is committed to upholding the principles of fair and accurate prosecution as a cornerstone of the criminal justice system. This approach ensures that justice is served, both for the victims of crimes and for the individuals accused of committing those crimes. To achieve these goals, our office is dedicated to ongoing training and professional development for its staff, including prosecutors, investigators, and support personnel. They work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that evidence is collected properly and that the rights of the accused are respected throughout the process.

Providing Caring Assistance To Victims

The Clayton County District Attorney's office recognizes the significant impact that crime can have on individuals and their well-being. By offering support, empathy, and resources to victims, we aim to help them navigate the often challenging aftermath of a crime while also strengthening the overall fabric of our society.

Continued Action-Based Community Outreach

Action-based community outreach is a cornerstone of our commitment to serve the citizens of Clayton County beyond the courtroom.  This allows us to collaborate with the community to prevent crime though education, address issues in our community, and build trust. By actively investing in our community, we look to create a positive ripple effect that benefits everyone and fosters a sense of unity.

Partnership with Law Enforcement and Community Organizations

The Clayton County District Attorney's office understands the importance of fostering a positive relationship with law enforcement agencies and community organizations. Open communication is at the forefront of our partnership with law enforcement agencies. By investing in this approach, we create an environment for accurate information to be shared between agencies and reduce the chance for misunderstandings and miscommunications. Our partnerships with community organizations allows our office to gain a deeper understanding of the needs for the residents of Clayton County.  Our collaboration results in events and the distribution of resources around those needs. 


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